PIEstory: Meet Stephanie

A big ‘thank you’ to Stephanie for sharing her PIEstory with the Crave Pie community.

CP: What is your all time favorite pie flavor?
SW: Apple with the cheddar crust and bacon!

CP: Are you a pie baker?
SW: Yes! The classics, chess, apple, blueberry.

CP: Is there a family member or friend in your life who was a pie baker?
SW: My nana is the pie baker in our family.

CP: Tell us about your fondest memory of pie in your life. 
SW: We asked Crave Pie to provide the pies for our wedding! It was absolutely the talk of the wedding.


CP: Was there a favorite pie that was present at family gatherings?
SW: Always my apple pie!

CP: Have you visited Crave Pie Studio?
SW: Yes! My husband and I came in to try the pies as our tasting for our wedding and were absolutely blown away by the pies and the kindness!

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Images courtesy of Honeyroot Photography, formerly Jack & Jenna Photography.