PIEstory: Meet Maggie

A big ‘thank you’ to Maggie for sharing her PIEstory with the Crave Pie community.

Crave Pie: What is your all time favorite pie flavor?
Maggie L.: Key Lime Pie- it's tart and sweet and perfect for any season or occasion. I will never tire of this pie!

CP: Are you a pie baker?

ML: Yes (but not as good as Crave Pie!), mostly apple and mixed berry pie. Occasionally a lemon meringue.

CP: Is there a family member or friend in your life who was a pie baker?
ML: Surprisingly, no. I don't recall a specific person who was the "pie person" in my family. We mostly did cakes, which might explain why I craved pies so much... we never had them!

CP: Tell us about your fondest memory of pie in your life.
ML: My husband and I both suffer from allergies/intolerances, so when we were deciding on what to do for our wedding, I knew cake was out. It just wasn't going to work for us, and after all the hard work planning that day, we wanted to enjoy the fruits (or desserts) of our labor! So, when the discussion came up about food and dessert in particular, I knew immediately what I wanted: PIE! Having been a Crave Pie addict for years, it was the first and only option I suggested, and I am happy to report my husband agreed. I mean, who wouldn't??

We were so thrilled to have part of our wedding catered by Crave Pie, but best of all, our guests LOVED IT. We had four flavors for guests: dutch apple, bourbon pecan, strawberry rhubarb, and chocolate chess. The four pies represented our combined background-- me, a northern girl with a love for fruit pies, and him, a southern boy who loves pecans and chocolate. I'm pretty sure the most talked about thing at the wedding was the pie bar. Several guests took an extra mini pie home (we made sure to have plenty) and we still get compliments on the pies years later.

My favorite, though, was our non-traditional key lime wedding pie. Daniel and I cut the pie together and indulged ourselves in our favorite dessert. I knew I married the right man when he said key lime was his favorite.

CP: Was there a favorite pie that was present at family gatherings?
ML: Always at family reunions-- somebody had to bring an apple or cherry pie. There was never enough to go around, so you had to sneak a tiny piece before it was gone.

CP: Have you visited Crave Pie Studio?
ML: On multiple occasions! My best friend and I have spent quite a bit of time in the studio, and I like to make a quick trip over during lunch for a delicious mini dessert when time allows.

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