PIEstory: Meet Katie

A big ‘thank you’ to Katie for sharing her PIEstory with the Crave Pie community.

Crave Pie: What is your all time favorite pie flavor?
Katie B.:
Oh, that's tough! I love so many types of pies, but Crave Pie's Nutella Pie is one of the best desserts I've ever tasted.

CP: Are you a pie baker?
KB: Since my husband is from Kentucky, I've grown very fond of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pies - that's the only pie I make.

CP: Is there a family member or friend in your life who was a pie baker?
KB: Yes, my Grandmother. My Grandparents were farmers in Michigan and avid gardeners. My Grandmother, an incredible cook and baker, enjoyed making strawberry rhubarb pie, mincemeat pie, apple pie and sweet potato pie for her family. My Grandmother passed away last year and my Grandfather passed this year - those family recipes are extra special now!

CP: Tell us about your fondest memory of pie in your life.
KB: Crave Pie holds a special place in my heart because that was one of the first places I took my son on a mother/son date. He was two and we lived about 2 miles from Crave Pie Studio at the time so I pushed him in our stroller and we ate pie and played at the local park. He was so excited to pick out the pie we shared. I still have the photo of him digging into that pie! He's 6 now, and we've been there several times since; he still gets just as excited about picking out a pie to enjoy!

CP: Was there a favorite pie that was present at family gatherings?
KB: Thanksgiving isn't complete without my Aunt's pumpkin pie!

CP: Have you visited Crave Pie Studio?
KB: Yes... many times!

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